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When is a Business Worth Saving?

When is a Business Worth Saving?

A Common Dilemma Distressed business owners frequently encounter a common dilemma:  if the business is worth saving or if the business owner is better off walking away?  The key consideration is whether it is possible to save the business.  If the business can be saved, chapter 11 is a viable [...]

Tips on How to Avoid a Repeat Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Going through a business bankruptcy is not an easy reality to face. However, once an individual has gone through the process of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and following through, they may not change their financial ways and end up right back in the same situation. Did you know [...]

Factors That Must Be Considered in Business Bankruptcy

Things That Many People Do Not Know About Bankruptcy

For any business that is in debt and an owner that is considering bankruptcy, they might be expecting an easy and self-explanatory process. However, there are some aspects that a business owner might not have thought about when entering the bankruptcy process. By gaining an understanding of a few [...]